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FunAsia Network

Where Hits Come Alive!

FunAsia Network (FAN) is World’s largest South Asian Radio Network in the USA & UAE, the two largest markets for entertainment! We are providing Live-streaming and Digital content for over 10 Mn. Hrs via web & mobile apps. We Operate 9 digital music Channels globally like Big Melodies, Big Legends, Luv Chilled, Urban Beat, Beat Anthems, Radio Mirchi, and more.

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Fun Asia Network also offers a variety of other entertainment solutions

  • Film distribution: Fun Asia Network distributes films to cinemas and other platforms in the Middle East.
  • Digital performance: Fun Asia Network produces and distributes digital content, such as music videos, podcasts, and live streams.
  • In store radio: Fun Asia Network provides in-store radio solutions for businesses in the Middle East.
  • Events: Fun Asia Network produces and organizes events, such as concerts, festivals, and conferences.
  • Radio vision: Fun Asia Network offers a radio vision service that allows businesses to advertise on its radio stations.

Bringing Joy and Entertainment to Your World: Fun Asia Network.

Fun Asia Network caters to all major demographics via its range of radio stations; Beat 97.8, Talk 100.3, Big 106.2 and Luv 107.1. Aside from broadcasting, Fun Asia Network offers a wide array of entertainment solutions from film distribution to digital performance, in store radio, events and radio vision, offering businesses a comprehensive platform to reach desired audiences.

Join us and experience the impact of radio advertising!